Ashiana London celebrates design & colour from around the globe by creating luxurious jewellery and accessories for the fashion conscious bohemian traveller.

Designed in London and hand crafted in India, Ashiana styles each have their own unique story. Ashiana loves colour and we pride ourselves in using it like no other, from bright & fun to classically elegant, we let the semi precious stones speak with their own natural beauty and design the jewellery around this.

Ashiana's focus on handmade gives local workers a chance to pass down century old traditions and practices and families a source of income that would be otherwise lost in today's world of automation and mass production. We try to use as many handmade practices as possible in our collections to give our clients a unique piece but also to promote and keep alive the work and lives of local artisans. 

Ashiana’s founder Anastasia, travels to India several times a year to personally source materials, suppliers and components that fit within our philosophy and fair trade practices. This hands on approach ensures that consistent checks are in place to ensure dedication to our commitment. Anastasia also takes that time to support an orphanage in New Delhi that she has been involved with since its inception. Ashiana 's focus is on people - whether it's the family that brings you the product or you the customer who buys from us.    

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