Horrors of buying a Prom dress from China or Ebay

Posted on January 21 2015


So here we are with Prom Season now in full swing and the shop is so busy with excited prom girls looking for their dream dress. Many girls may have been researching their dream dress for many months, years even. With so many online sites offering prom dresses now, its easy to research the many different styles available. However, word of WARNING to you. There is a growing number of websites offering cheap copies of designer gowns. These websites (some with UK domains .co.uk) are based in The Far-East. The images they use are often copy and pasted off genuine designer sites. They offer to make 'made to measure'. How's that gonna work. First, you have got to measure yourself (not as easy as you think to measure correctly) along with the fact that any good seamstress will tell you, you can't make a dress without a pattern. Just providing an image is not enough.

A dress from one our our designers will be made with quality beadwork and fabrics but from one of these sites it could be made from any old fabric with cheap beads. The dresses offered by these online sites are not even comparable to the dresses we have at La Vida Boutique

A lot of these companies also appear to have very good reviews on their site and facebook. However, read carefully and you can see some are written in broken English along with the fact there are businesses from which you can 'Buy' good reviews from.

I don't want to come across as too 'ranty' but it does upset me when we put so much love and passion into selecting the very best collections for our customers and ensuring we give them the 'Whole Prom package'. The La Vida girls try very hard to give every prom girl the very best service from our beautiful little shop, something they would not get online. 

We have many last minute prom girls now running in a few days before their prom because their dress purchased online doesn't fit or hasn't been delivered. Unfortunately, as these businesses are not UK business you don't have the same legal rights when it comes to returns and refunds. Is it really worth the hassle and the risk? There are plenty of reputable UK shops selling prom and evening wear. Please go and visit your local independent shop where you can try on, enjoy a personal service, know what you are buying. Shopping locally and supporting the UK economy is far more beneficial for everyone.

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Donna x

Director @LaVidaBoutique

This is a fascinating read in the Daily Mail about the horrors of buying Prom and Bridal gowns from the internet, eBay and China.


For a list of Websites to avoid please visit Facebook.com/BridesBeware


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